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i think it would be awesome to be able to make comment on photos, both favorite photos and bookmarked photos. seems like a quick way to interact rather than having to post a new thread on a photo. i bet you'd see a lot more traffic this way.

who here uses facebook? i love how a little red notification pops up on fb whenever someone comments on one of your photos and also when someone comments after you on others' photos.

functionality on the website, please post them here! Thanks!

an awesome bookmark or whatever & would love to be able to comment on it, but would have to start a new thread. And I'm too lazy for that!! The FB functionality would be sweet!

Hey, guys, that's a great idea!Suzie02.19.2009 @ 03:36:56 PM

I'm the project manager, this time around, and Mr. DP is always telling me to stop adding new user stories and that's it's messing up the release time. It's a "low priority" as of now, but I bet if he reads this, the iphone app AND the comments on photos will be in the next release! LOL! YAY! :)