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I've seen so many awesome design blogs around, that I have decided to have my own. Especially now that we have our own new place. The problem is that I can't come up with a name! The ones that I thought of are actually already taken ( mostly by people who don't post, or just write some quite depressing things).
Does everyone here pretty much have their own blog? What was the thought process behind the name?

if you are blogging for fun like most of us. Something easy to spell is good enough.

I like the idea of guest blogging, though. Mrs. Limestone gave me a shot at it (the post is up today...forgive the grammar errors).

The name isn't all that important, to be honest. You'll get a lot of traffic through commenting on other decor blogs. Pick something that personal and genuine. Look at Freckles Chick, for example. Her blog name doesn't scream "decor blog", but the name is charming and interesting.

got a nameZealart05.19.2009 @ 04:40:22 PM

I decided to simply decided to use Zealart. Will be fun :)

Love the name tooluvdecor05.22.2009 @ 12:20:47 AM

It's catchy and memorable. I just started blogging myself. It's my little escape and a place to put things that inspire me. That's how I got my name momspirational. Being a mom I get busy and this site helps me focus on the things that I love and hope to aspire. Good luck

my blog: momspiration

Mine came from a nickname I got in college (someone started calling me Freckles freshman yr, and it stuck amongst my group of friends). My friends used to shout it in public crowded bars. LOL.

I'm a design-obsessed Capricorn and I'm sort of a big deal. =)

my blog: Freckles Chick

the name "Nuestra Vida Dulce" pretty quickly.

It's Spanish for "Our Sweet Life".

It fits b/c I'm a Spanish teacher and I always use the adjective sweet for just about everything! : )

You're going to love it. It was actually very easy for me to come up with my name: One Love. My husband and I are big Bob Marley fans and being that my hubby is my One Love, I named it after him. I also engraved One Love in his wedding ring :) Good luck finding a name!

my blog: One Love