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...the justify this trip?

I'm going to get another magnetic strip for my spice tins. It's probably a $3 item. Ikea is two hours away. I know it sounds insane, but I already have these strips and need another row to match what's already up.

Maybe storage bins for on top of my kitchen cabinets? Or, is putting anything up there inviting more work (dusting, arranging, fussing)?

Our Ikea is also near a Home Goods and some outlets, but I'm usually too tired to go to those once I do the drive and get through Ikea. They seriously need to make an "Ikea Light" that is somehow smaller and more manageable than the normal store.Maybe I'll go in backwards and just do the end and not the whole, winding showroom.

a 1 hour drive. Once I get into the store, there's soo much to look at, and I'm always reading the over head signs to go to the different departments, I guess I'm not used to the store lay out. I really love the Ribba Frames that they have at the store, I always land up leaving with a frame,and other goodies.

you'll be out of there in a hour or so.

If you want to pick me up a few things, I have a list :)

That $3 item was 99 cents!Jeannine05.30.2009 @ 03:24:38 PM

I got the last one of the strips in the entire store. It was in the "Last Chance/As is" section. I wanted to buy extras for the future, but that might have to be done on ebay (someone is selling them for $5).

I wound up getting a little stool for by the door (I had posted some possibilities a while back) and a full length, framed mirror (I sold my oversized, leaning mirror on CL a while back).

I went into HomeGoods and it was one of those combo Marshalls/HomeGoods stores. Not good. I went into Neiman's Last Call and almost dropped $200 on a pair of Tory Birch shoes...but my students wear those, so despite their comfort, I passed them up. The outlets have gotten pretty boring.

Lucky!Suzie05.30.2009 @ 07:03:16 PM

Where's the mirror going? Would love to see more photos of your house! :)

This is kind of funny...I hung the mirror. It's level. The wall where the bedroom door is hung is not plumb. As a result, the mirror looks like it's not level. The space between the mirror and the casing of the door is about an inch at the top of the mirror and 1/4 of an inch at the bottom of the mirror.

New construction is SO annoying.

Our walls are like that too!Suzie05.31.2009 @ 04:54:22 PM

The ceilings are not level and it's a bitch to deal with it! It looks fine in the photo, can't tell!