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Anyone get blog fatigue?Jeannine06.12.2009 @ 12:37:09 PM

I currently have 96 blogs on my blog reader. There are days when I gobble everything up, but for the last week, I've been skipping over loads of them. I totally deleted Cote de Texas because it loads too slowly. I feel like half the blogs I read just repost pictures from other blogs. I mean, how many times are we going to see the hallway with the white framed mirrors reposted?

I'm thinking of deleting all blogs that only repost inspiration pictures. I can find those anywhere.

I'm sharing this here because the present company does NOT fall into the category described.

right? Perhaps is the resolution. I do love her blog. I catch up with her on the team blog she does.

I'm so tired of reading about it and seeing pleas for votes.

Thank goodness for Mrs. Lime, Freckles, Copy Cat, and the others who post new, fun things for us to read. I'm really tired of seeing every page of House Beautiful posted on blogs.

prize, I'd probably be asking for votes too. So I don't hold it against them. I just want to see some new stuff.

But that said - its a lot of pressure to come up with content all the time so I cut all bloggers a lot of slack. It seems a lot easier than it looks and I don't put in nearly the amount of effort that those big name bloggers like Nicole, TYH, etc. do.

...or graphic.

I'm sorry, all. I didn't mean to start a big thing. I just got overwhelmed by my reader and realized that a good amount of the posts coming through were duplicates of posts on other blogs. I did some weeding and got my reader down to 96 blogs, which is still too many to keep straight in my head!

I notice that some of the Apartment Therapy team lifts from other bloggers without giving credit. The most recent example was when a blogger wrote about an antique store called On a Whim that is very popular in Northern Virginia. In the comments, there was discussion of that store and another one on the same road. A few days later, AT's DC blogger wrote about the stores. I just posted a link to the blog in the comments on the AT post and figured I'd leave it at that.

OMG! They totally do!Suzie06.13.2009 @ 05:53:04 PM

They are notorious for that and a lot of members have called them out on it. It's not all of the writers. I've seen a few that always credit their sources and then there are a few who just cut and paste most of their posts without due credit (mostly from NY & Chicago blogs)! This issue is becoming more and more prevalent! It should be addressed. There was a huge news article about this a while back, should have saved it, about bloggers suing other bloggers because of all this lifting crap! No need to apologize!

Jeannegeorgiasblu06.13.2009 @ 06:11:23 PM

I certainly feel better after my little b**** fest. I got the music thing off my chest, learned I wasn't alone in my concerted efforts to vote for MiL, and now here I am, feeling all better.

That's part of what this board's for, right?

I feel like I should thank you for saying what I've been feeling. I'm curing my blog fatigue w/ lots of wine. What else is new, right. =]

I'm a design-obsessed Capricorn and I'm sort of a big deal. =)

my blog: Freckles Chick
I do too.Suzie06.13.2009 @ 03:39:43 PM

It's just an annoyance factor for me. I get it, you want to win. But, you've just turned your blog into the give us the money, biatches, blog for the past couple of months.

I agree! It IS a lot of pressure to create new and fresh content every single day and kudos to those who can do it without "stealing" content from others. And, yes, I know these things are not "proprietary," but for the love of God, if you copy decor projects or content specifically from other blogs then give them freaking credit! The decor blog world is small and, I believe, most bloggers would only feel flattery that you inspired them.

And, in my particular case, it was pretty obvious to see what was going on because of our software-Woopra! A certain blogger was clicking on our posts in the design forum and then re-creating/recycling the post(s) the very next day on their blog! If you're going to use DecorPad as a source for a majority of your blog content then be honest about it. Why not give our members credit? What's the harm? Their response: It's not proprietary! Nice! Burn those bridges!

To clarify: Sharing decor ideas is fantastic! My issue is with giving credit, especially when a blogger is taking mass amounts of content from one Site and publishing it on another.

It's one thing to dole out design advice; it's a whole other ball game when one claims to be a DIY 'expert' on home reno's and such. Esp. when they hired out for all the big reno projects. I'm all for the entrepreunerial spirit and making a living off a blog........but when one sounds sanctimonious about doling out advice, that just irks me. Would it kill them to say "When we saw such and such, it inspired us to ____________." People wouldn't think any less of them.

I'm a design-obsessed Capricorn and I'm sort of a big deal. =)

my blog: Freckles Chick
ITA!Suzie06.13.2009 @ 05:01:44 PM

The "preaching" thing kills me! Especially when it's lifted from another blog too. Ugh!

Now that surprises me.georgiasblu06.13.2009 @ 03:51:44 PM

You mean other bloggers we're taking projects and ideas from here and then posting them as "Looky here at how creative and wonderful I am?"

They have stopped doing it to us, but I can't speak for others.

anything but there have been times where I've questioned shall we say "borrowing of material" from my blog. It could be coincidence but I know they do read mine and I hate to think the worst of someone's been bothering me. And I would have probably ignored it if it hadn't been for a few of my readers (who aren't DP'ers) who emailed me to notify me of the "coincidence".

Again, I'm not all THAT and a bag of chips and it's a coincidental and crazy blogworld out there. I (as I'm sure others who have speculated) would have been flattered/honored had they credited the source.

I must be getting paranoid in my old age.

I'm a design-obsessed Capricorn and I'm sort of a big deal. =)

my blog: Freckles Chick
I've seen it....Suzie06.13.2009 @ 05:46:19 PM

And, I'm not one of those people who emailed you. They posted the exact same project just a couple days after you! Dejavu, I just read this same exact post on freckles chic blog! I just don't get why these people don't give credit when we all frequent the same blogs! Meh!

was "it's not proprietary"!!!! Creeps.

Yup! It's no secret!Suzie06.13.2009 @ 04:06:04 PM

They said: "These things are not proprietary!" LOL! Legally, I get the whole concept that a lot of these ideas are not proprietary, but at least be honest and say almost all of of our blog content came directly from DecorPad this month! They missed the point, entirely!

'clients' for this deception. Bad enough to take credit for something not yours and even worse to charge for it.

Meh...Suzie06.13.2009 @ 04:26:04 PM

I could care less how they make their money! I'm just glad they've stopped with DP!

Okay, that is CRAZY!!jill8052506.13.2009 @ 06:19:50 PM

I know that there is a lot of "posting the same posts" thing going around. When something "fresh" comes out, it catches like wildfire, but I had no clue that people were lifting ideas from other sites and selling the idea boards. Wow, excuse me but, that is ballsy! And distasteful!

Think the whole...Suzie06.13.2009 @ 06:27:00 PM

posting the same posts thing is normal when you get all the same magazines or shop at the same stores and especially when something fresh comes out, it does spread like wildfire. But, when it's something so obscure and random, and when it's always posted 1-3 days after your post, and when it's done day after day for weeks, coincidence just goes out of the window! Especially, when you have proof that they have looked at your posts!

Their idea boards have nothing to do with lifting, that's all them.

Hear hear!freckles chic06.12.2009 @ 08:30:39 PM

There are so many decor blogs out there these days they all sort of run together. My faves are the ones that balance design, life , and humor. I don;t mind the baby ones but if it's all baby all the time, I just can'tr relate, you know? I think Teresa does a fab job balancing the content on her blog even though she's a new mom. And I feel that DP'er's blogs are SOOO unique! Love reading them.

ITA hallelujah that the BHG challenge is OVER. I can't stand their blog who shall not be named so I voted for Nicole @ Making It Lovely every day.

I do a "spring cleaning" every few months and delete blogs that just don't appeal to me anymore, LOL.

And awww, thx jeannine for reading mine.......random question but do you comment on mine? There's a commenter by the name "jbhat" w/ no blog link who always leaves the sweetest compliments. Just wondering! =]

I'm a design-obsessed Capricorn and I'm sort of a big deal. =)

my blog: Freckles Chick

but sometimes post as just "Jeannine" or as "Upstart". I'm trying to get away from that second name, though, because there is another person with the same name out there.

I blog as part of my job in a totally unrelated field, so I don't use my real blogger account when I read decor blogs. Right now is the "quiet season" for my blog, so this is when I tend to get tempted about starting a decorating blog. However, from September-May, my blog is a handful (traffic on the peak day this year was about 21,000 unique hits with 404 comments coming in from high maintenance constituents) and I have to remind myself that while I can handle a personal blog right now (under 10 comments per day, very little traffic), I would never do as good a job as the blogs I read and that would frustrate me.

Anyway, as for the BHG challenge, I feel the same way many of you do and hope Nicole comes out on top.

LOLgeorgiasblu06.12.2009 @ 08:54:53 PM

at what you said about the BHG contest. I don't usually vote for things like that but in this case I stickied a note to my computer so I'd remember to vote every day for Nicole. I was thinking I was the only one who felt that way.

about them NOT winning, that I actually set a reminder in my Outlook calendar to vote everyday. Ha!

I'm a design-obsessed Capricorn and I'm sort of a big deal. =)

my blog: Freckles Chick

I'm glad today is the last day too! No more begging for votes EVERY.SINGLE.FREAKING.DAY. from that blog! Ugh!

Yeah, I'm over it too.teresa06.12.2009 @ 06:18:55 PM

I've been getting pretty selective about the blogs I read lately as well. I don't have much free time anymore. I prefer original content over inspirational photos. I adore all of the blogs from DecorPaders - very original, cute and humorous. I love seeing little home projects or just a "day in the life" post. It's like a mini vacation to peer into the life of someone else for a minute.

my friends and I genuinely care about what's going on in your lives.

: )

I love DP, and my most recent favorite is Kate at Centsational Girl, she's great. Mrs. L's blog as I love her style and seeing what she's up to in her house. My pet peeve is music on blogs. Drives me nuts. And weirdly, someone I used to enjoy is recently irritating the hell out of me. LOL. I tend to avoid baby blogs because I've been there done that, four times and it's no longer an interest but I can imagine what I'd been like when I had my first.

Yeah, I do, sometimes!Suzie06.12.2009 @ 02:08:00 PM

I've deleted blogs that are too slow to load as well! Some of them freeze my computer so I've had to delete them too. Don't really mind the blogs that post photos because I am obsessed with decor porn though

I agree! We have some of the best bloggers posting at Decorpad!