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Suzie,georgiasblu06.13.2009 @ 06:32:33 PM

Do you remember the Restoration Hardware paint, Blue Sage? I think you were able to run down the color for me.

I finally got a sample today and I was absolutely shocked at how dark it was, as in blackish dark. I just wondered if you'd ever seen IRL?

Oh darngeorgiasblu06.13.2009 @ 06:34:05 PM

Sorry. I got this in the wrong forum. *red faced*

I've never seen it irl, but, at this point, I don't know what to think about any paint color! I've bought over 6 paint samples and absolutely everything is coming out differently than the swatches. I'm at a total loss. We're doing wallpaper in the half-bath!

That gorgeousgeorgiasblu06.13.2009 @ 08:56:16 PM
Yes!Suzie06.13.2009 @ 09:56:32 PM

The photo is sort of misleading! It's white with silver circles.