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Just found this site tonight and am in love! What great ideas and photos you all have! My boyfriend just bought a little cafe and I am helping him renovate it, but cannot settle on paint colors. There are high ceilings, wanescotting, and we have ordered mahogany-look flooring-- needs to go with reddish brown hues! There is a huge 6 over 4 window across the entire front wall, so there is A LOT of natural light- colors look brighter. The window also overlooks the outside patio with cafe tables and lots of natural plants and flowers.

I am thinking a nice shade of yellow- not too bright, but something warm and inviting with the right shade of white for the trim and wanescotting- not crisp white against the mahagony floors, but not dingy either. Picture cases filled with wonderful pasteries and gourmet salads, bottles of perrier, and clear glass cake domes and jars with treats. The ceiling is white with recessed lights, but I am looking to add pendant lights over the bakery cases as well.

I tried BM Pottery Barn shade Soleil today-- way too bright! at another end of the spectrum, SW Bevedere Cream was nothing like on swatch-- way too orangey. I am thinking now something that looks more like cream? BM Weston Flax? Hawthorne Yellow? Montgomery White? The SW Creme trim paint was WAY too cream... clearly I need good adivce, here! We are all primed and scheduled to paint tomorrow, so any ideas are GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! :) We are looking for a name, too, if you have any ideas for that, lol!

Many Thanks! Laurie

My entranceway is Hawthorne Yellow (it was painted that way before I moved in). At first I liked it but now it's wearing on me. It is VERY yellow. Like sunshine-y yellow. If you're looking for a creamy yellow, I'd do something lighter. I'm actually thinking of painting over it with Montgomery White as well, to get a more toned down yellow.

Congrats on the cafe!Suzie06.15.2009 @ 10:39:43 PM

I like Benjamin Moore Weston Flax, very soft and golden. I love Benjamin Moore Windham Cream too! BM Hawthorne Yellow looks very mustardy to me on the swatch!

From my experience, paint colors can look so different depending on natural and artificial lighting so I would buy lots and lots of samples! I just went through this trying to find the perfect green/blue and none of the colors are coming out like the swatches! Sorry, I know it's hard! :(

I don't have personal experience with this color, but for the trim, I have heard that BM Feather Down is a nice creamy white. Not too stark, but also not too yellow. Good luck!

That is so exciting and fun! I'd love to see pics when you are finished. What will the cafe be called?

My bedroom is Lightning White by Benjamin Moore. I like it because it is really soft and not too yellow - more of an ivory with a touch more yellow. Be careful with yellow swatches - yellow shows MUCH more yellow on the walls than it does on the swatch. It's very misleading! ; )

I think the trim in my bedroom was Decorator's White or Cloud White (BM) - can't remember.

Here are some pics - not great, and before I completed decorating, but you get the idea.