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Design Star ventinglagrant09.14.2009 @ 09:29:31 AM

Okay, I am not a fan of Antonio. And I lost faith in Dan after spending the 10K on that pergola....

Does Antonio have some great talent that us just above my understanding???

and the clip of him cutting a cake with a chain saw was not very effective in reeling me in :). I do believe that he was targeted and selected to appeal to a broader market.... but what about the market that wants true design inspiration and not just elementary decorating?

I saw that too!Suzie09.17.2009 @ 03:53:25 PM

Not appealing to me either.

Still pissed off at the judges' exclamations of this crew being the most talented group of yet???

To be honest, I could not stand David Bromstad in his first season but I've been watching recently and he is FREAKING hilarious! Though his designs aren't really my taste, he does have design vision and is a phenomenal artist.

I wasn't thrilled w/ Kim either but she does design w/ a budget in mind (totally speaks to me) and she great onscreen presence.

I'm a design-obsessed Capricorn and I'm sort of a big deal. =)

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ITA!Suzie09.14.2009 @ 04:46:09 PM

I am so tired of Candice Olson's imitation of him. I guess he's the Tony Soprano of Design! Yuck, No thanks!

His aesthetics are just blah to me. I haven't seen him do anything on the show that really jumped out and impressed me. Dan, at least, created an awesome room with grocery products but a $10,000 pergola on a $25,000 budget, insane!

Antonio, though his hosting annoys the heck out of me, is the dynamic personality that HGTV can throw into a show and count on people watching because they either love him or hate him.

His sense of color is horrible. The scale of items in his rooms is always off.

Like Kim Myles, he'll have a team of people producing his show that will do all the designing and he'll be the face of the program.

How funny that they go back and forth between people who can do the work and people who can't. David Bromstad was the first guy, right? He clearly has vision. Kim won in the 2nd year and she is not very good (she has no design in her background...I think she was a hair stylist before she went out for the show). Jen B. won the third year and she is clearly a talented painter. So, now we're back to a personality, not a designer.

Okay, I'm done.

Although, I feel like you can tell that he doesn't have actual desin school training per se, but I think ihe rocks. I love the way he thinks outside of the box. He's very creative.

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entertaining personality so I think they made the right choice but only for that reason.

Both of them made so many really amatuerish decisions throughout the season. And when they did well, they were pulling ideas straight out of a furniture design catalog. Zero inspiration from either.