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recs on places to eat or things to do. We are spending 6 days there {one of which will be spent seeing my SIL get married!}.

I would like to make a day trip to Hollywood too.

I'm overwhelmed with my options and thought if any of you had been before you may have some favorite spots. Thanks! : )

San Diegoluvdecor06.01.2010 @ 12:28:42 AM

You most visit La Jolla. It's beautiful and there is a downtown area with shops and restaurants. It's on a cliff over looking the ocean. The restaurant to check out is George's. There is both fine dining or casual rooftop seating. Either one is fine and the views are amazing. The houses are amazing there too. I love to just drive around there. I have never been to Hillcrest but I hear it's very hip urban town, close to downtown, with lots of boutiques, restaurants etc. Then there is the gaslamp district downtown. It's very busy with lots of nightlife, resturants, bars and it can get crazy wild. So if you want mellow don't go there. But if you want to dance, drink, party then that's the place to be. YOu will find lots and lots of restaurants many of them good. Quarter Kitchen is delish and that's located in the Andaz hotel. sorry can't give you much more as I live in Oceanside which is 40 minutes away from SD and I am a busy mom with two toddlers so I don't get out much. Have fun.

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married at the Wedding Bowl. : )

Would a trip to disneyland be too far for a day trip from there?

disneyluvdecor06.02.2010 @ 09:47:33 AM

not at all. in no traffic it's about one hour and a half. it may be faster in no traffic. that would be fun You should def put that on your to do list.

my blog: momspiration