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He purchased the Colette bed and this pillow for his bedroom in a new house. He is single and very stylish, but not glam. He wants a calm and slightly earthy (not granola) space with some dark and red colors thrown in. The room is long and huge - he will have room for a tv/sitting area, the bed (king) with bedside tables, and a desk area. I don't have pics of the space yet, but the carpet is a light beige and very neutral, which can stay. The walk-in closet is quite large, so a dresser isn't needed.

So, we needed bedding, lamps, paint, bedside tables, desk, chair, seating, drapes....everything. Budget isn't terribly restricted either, which helps!

Will post pics when I get them, but in th mean time, does anyone have any initial thoughts?

He also likes the Pottery Barn Manhattan leather club chair - in one of the browns. I had suggested a parsons desk or an X base desk.

I picked up a charcoal cotton bedspread (more like a coverlet and not a comforter) and shams. I think I will layer the bed with white sheets, red/brick blanket, then the charcoal coverlet. The back of the pillow he chose is a brick red.

I did show him the picture below and he really liked the vibe. He was not a fan of the grasscloth wallpaper or the items over the bed - but liked the overall look/feel.

Suzie suggested. I'm not surprised he thought that other room was too frilly though! After trying to find a middle ground with my husband to decorate our apartment I've found that he thinks almost everything is too feminine! Lol, he thinks bed skirts--even crisp tailored ones--are too girly. He's even anti-slip cover. Silk drapes? Forget about it. Oy! Lol

Anyway, see if he likes some of Jonathan Adler's furniture. I think some of it is pretty cool. I personally like this as a desk chair:

It could go with the Strut work table from Crate and Barrel:

And I've recently been oggling over the many to die for lamps at I'm sure you could find something awesome on that site!
As a more affordable option, would he like these?

As far as a sitting area, is this something he'd like?

Or, this? I know he said earthy, but not "granola":

HAve fun!

another piclagrant07.01.2010 @ 03:03:32 PM

here is the bed with the pillow (sorry for the phone camera shot). HTH

area - love the leather cushions too! Chairs are very flexible for future use in a family room, study, sunroom or covered porch. I own a pair (state chair) and they are super comfortable.

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray

ITA with oonafey! Pinch pleat silk gray drapes would also look amazing: Soft yet masculine!

crisp white bedding and tall tapered glass lamps
Giclee Print

Vintage chests for nightstands?

Thanks for posting!JoyfulShout07.03.2010 @ 05:12:42 PM

Hi Suzie,

Loving the first pic you posted. Thanks for sharing. I have a 3rd room in our home that I haven't designated yet but it has grey walls. That pic makes me want to make it a guest room. Also considering an office...Thanks for sharing!

will post some pics he liked later today, which is helping point me in the right direction.

Love that pillow!oonafey07.01.2010 @ 01:57:05 PM

It's a great start piece. I would do a pale blue paint (calming) with dark, dark grey silk drapes (stylish). Or is the dark in the print navy?