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Barcelona Recslynett perez07.07.2010 @ 04:49:08 PM

Hi peeps!!! Going to Barcelona for the New Year- but I need recs on where to stay! HELP!

my blog: One Love
Hotel Banys Orientaljamison08.06.2010 @ 01:51:15 PM

Was great! Very reasonable. My only complaint was a club that could be a little loud. There was a great restaurant directly next door. Highly recommended by Conde Nast!

We stayed at Hotel Arts ...jules07.12.2010 @ 10:23:21 AM

... last fall, which is a Ritz-Carlton property located in one of the "twin towers" on Barceloneta Beach. Fabulous, of course, and easy walking to everything ... but pricey.

I always have excellent luck by reading through reviews on, especially to find hidden, inexpensive gems. Give it a try:

I bet she's got some fantastic tips!

Hey cute girl!Joi07.13.2010 @ 01:55:12 PM

Yup, I went to Spain last year and loved it!!! : ) Barcelona was one of our last cities we visited. However, we went with students, sooooo, our hotel was not the fanciest. I honestly don't even really remember it all that much. It was fine and on a hill and close to the metro. Ha....really detailed, right? : )

Looked in my pics and found that the hotel we stayed at was called Hotel Rubens!