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My SIL is getting married in less than a month. It will be an out of state wedding in Florida so everyone will travel. SHe lives in Boston and I in California. Now I feel bad because nothing has been done for her. It is her second marriage but her first was an elopment. Should I try to get the girls together the day before. everyone will be staying at the same hotel. It is a very small wedding and her BM is her 16 yr old daughter. Any ideas would be great or maybe I should leave it all together.


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How about spa treatments together? A morning of manicures and pedicures along with mimosas and bellinis would be fun! Well, Suzie would find it really fun! :)

Then book a late lunch at a hip, trendy restaurant! I wouldn't worry so much on making it a formal bridal shower. It's the company that's most important.