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I often use the link below for paint color matching between brands. But it doesn't have Farrow&ball conversion. Does anyone know if there is anywhere on the net where someone has figured out what BM color is closest to Farrow & Balls pavilion gray or cornforth gray. Yes, I know I could send for a samples of F&B and have a paint store do a color match. But I'm just curious what the closest BM colors are to the FB colors. Thanks in advance

them make it into a BM paint.

...and haven't received the chips yet. So I was hoping to be able to get a sense of the closest BM color in my fan deck. To be honest I may be waiting for a color that I won't even like in person.

What I did was get the fan deck, figure out what colors I liked and then googled away and found pics of rooms and went from there.

LOL...I did the same thing.MsB07.22.2010 @ 08:06:52 PM

I have two BM fan decks. But when I ran into the F&B room photos I wanted to know what the BM match would be. Hopefully my chips will come soon.