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the opening of my on-line store:

If you're having a baby or know someone who is... these make an awesome gift. So unique and a refreshing change from a million baby blankets and diaper genies!

Please share with your friends! Thank you! Thank you DP friends!~

next baby whenever that may be!!! And it almost makes me wish I had done this back in the day with my 2 1/2 yr. old... too bad, can't look back though right! Great site. Thanks for sharing! Is this your company?

That is awesome!war_eagle09.05.2010 @ 07:45:09 PM

Good luck! They are adorable. A friend of mine does month onesies and they are so adorable, but too expensive to spend that much each month. I love the stickers.

I'm a design-obsessed Capricorn and I'm sort of a big deal. =)

my blog: Freckles Chick

Soooo cute!

You should post this on the design forum too! It's just to cute and I don't want the design forum readers to miss this.