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I visited a blog today and got a message that there was malware on that blog via another. i switched to google chrome a few days ago and had never seen that warning when I used Firefox. is this unusual? I recently had quite an infection and I'm nervous to visit that blog so I didn't go further into the blog but I wonder if those people know they have that message popping up?

i don't think sogeorgiasblu11.09.2010 @ 06:26:28 PM

Chrome is telling me this blog is infected with malware, The message I get says it's coming from a link from another blog. Is that even possible?

WOW!Suzie12.01.2010 @ 03:29:05 PM

Sounds like someone embedded something malicious into the blog. Eeks!

Hmmm....Suzie11.09.2010 @ 03:16:21 PM

Google Chrome is as secure as Mozilla Firefox so it MAY not be a browser issue....

Could it be a lingering computer infection issue?