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Aww, thanks!Suzie12.16.2010 @ 06:39:38 PM

The little one had spinal surgery today so I'm feeling very verklempt. :(

How are you all doing?

How old are they?

Thnx for asking!Suzie12.17.2010 @ 08:03:28 PM

She's doing well and so are we since she's out of surgery and breathing on her own now. :)

The one in the green sweater, FiFi, is going to be 19 yrs old next spring and the one who had surgery, Bunny, is roughly 6-7yrs old. The vet had to estimate her age because she was found wandering the streets.

Hi Michael!Suzie12.27.2010 @ 03:52:59 PM

Yes, she is! She's not walking yet, but she's getting better day by day. :)