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Help!Jill Austin01.18.2011 @ 05:34:31 PM

Okay, I have this AWESOME foyer light that doesn't work in my house. I just put it on Craigslist, but I live in a small town with people who, to be honest, aren't very foward thinking in fashion and home I'm not seeing very much hope there. I just tried Ebay, which I've only bought off of, never sold, and realized that there are a ton of fees!! This is the light....isn't it beautiful!! For some reason it's smooshing it in the pictures, it's really more oblong (it's 28.25" high and 17.75" in diameter).

So, here's my question for you all...where could I sell this? I've never sold things other than little things here and there on Craigslist.
I appreciate all the help I can get!


could you try listing it on the board for the largest city that's near you? I get what you're saying (I'm in small town USA...but an hour or so from Wash DC so I list there)! It might be worth a try.

It's lovely!NYVillageGirl01.19.2011 @ 09:33:13 AM

Jill -- where are you and how much are you asking?

Hey!Jill Austin01.19.2011 @ 12:25:31 PM

I'm in Iowa, but would be willing to ship it. It is actually all still in it's original shipping packaging. I'm asking $280 plus shipping (but I don't see that being more than $15-$20). Retail is $466. Here it is online:

It really is beautiful and I'm so bummed it doesn't work in my foyer.

Let me checkNYVillageGirl01.19.2011 @ 12:55:12 PM

our foyer and dimensions and will get back to you!

Beautiful!Suzie01.18.2011 @ 07:58:36 PM

Hi Jill, this link may help:

AT has a classified section for each city.

Thank you!Jill Austin01.18.2011 @ 08:31:38 PM