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I'm new to decorpad. Going through a whole kitchen overhaul that started a week ago. Haven't been on here much lately due to chaos. Just saying hello. Any tips to remain sane during a major renovation appreciated. My kids are saying everyday "when are we going to get hot food again?" LOL.

I am a almost 42 year old single mother of three teenagers. I was fortunate enough to acquire my own home, with the help of my family, after a divorce. My home is in my favorite neighborhood in Springfield, Illinois. It is a 60 year old brick home in one of the oldest neighborhoods of our city. It is light, not quite white brick with red shutters on the outside and very warm and woodsy on the inside. My home, however, had a tiny tiny kithcen indicative of the era it was built in and I am now having it completely gutted and remodeled..which is what brought me here. I am finally growing financially stable enough to do some well deserved home improvements and I couldn't be more thrilled about it.
Pictures coming soon once I get my camera charger replaced. (left it mistakenly in vegas last year.)

Awww... so cute :)Suzie10.10.2011 @ 04:42:11 PM

A grill is a lifesaver during renovation and cooking in large batches then freezing and reheating in microwave may help as well.

I like these tips:

Can't wait to see the finished kitchen!