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DecorPad Appsdossous12.25.2011 @ 07:58:57 PM

Will there be an DecorPad App version for the non apple products such as Android based tablets?

Thank you,


my blog: La Vie Si Dous
Hi, SuzanneSuzie12.27.2011 @ 04:32:19 PM

Mr. Decor * Pad is very interested in creating apps using the Android OS, but there are so many Android devices out there it will take some time. He's focused on the iPhone and iPad right now so I really couldn't give you a definitive date for the Android apps, sorry.

Appt:)sdossous01.03.2012 @ 09:06:55 AM

reason for that bcause i just got an android tablet and there arent a lot interior apps for this OS when its avilable id be happy to test for u

my blog: La Vie Si Dous