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I am redecorating my daughters bedroom and she can't decide on an idea. She loved the blossom wall art one with the brown tree on the blue walls adn pink bedspread posted by salien, I believe that is her username. She is into the botanical, cherry blossom kind of rooms but also likes florally designs as well. She wants to keep the color pink somewhere in her room but wants another color or go black, white, and pink themed. I need help PLEASE! She is open to ideas but we are stressing out over this and would really like some help with it. Please and thank you :)

Inspiration photosSuzie03.08.2012 @ 08:43:49 PM

white, pink and black!

substitute white/black rug in this space it would really work!

If she really wants a tree mural you can always check out Etsy for tree wall decals.