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I love this site and have been stalking some of you for a while. We are building our new home and I am facing quite a few budget friendly design ideas. Our formal dining room is approx. 14x14 and I think gesture of the space to maximize seating capacity would be a round table to seat 8-10. However, not so readily available. Anyone has an idea what diameter I need and where I can find one?

Thank you!

60"cakegirl03.28.2012 @ 06:57:46 AM

60" should seat 8 people comfortably, especially if it isn't every day. Banquet seating is actually 10 people at a 60"!
The problem with going bigger is that there is SO much center space that people are very far away from one another and it becomes more difficult to talk and pass food. I would either do 60" or a round that expands to an oval.

Round tablelaura p03.26.2012 @ 09:46:29 PM

Hi, I've been looking for a round table for a while also. We wanted to seat 8 comfortably and a 72 in was strongly suggested. We bought the bellagio table by canadel. You can costumize it to your style, size, color, etc. Hope this helps...

round tablemeag_an03.24.2012 @ 11:41:42 PM

A 60" table should fit 8. Otherwise, you will probably need to add a leaf, whish makes it oval. Sorry, I can't help much with your question, howevere, I have a similar question so I thought I would just add to the thread. I have been also looking for a round table for what seems like EVER! I love this table:

but I can not seem to find it. Any help from anyone? It would be perfect. It looks similar to Urban Barn's Hudson table but the finish seems more espresso like then the reddish brown of Urban Barn's version. Please help!

Thank you!

I like that table as well... I think Z Gallerie has smething similar although the color might be a bit off..

Thanks for the great idea about having a leaf to extpand to oval. I don't mind it on those special occasions when I have more people over... I might just have to do that since it looks like I won't fit more than 6-8 on a round table.

Table IdeaMilo Lowe03.26.2012 @ 08:24:22 PM

I made an art metal table at 60" diameter. Maybe the photo could give you an idea of the room it gives you?