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Hi everyone!
Building a new house and we are finaly at the color picking stage and I am losing it! I like all shades of gray, warm and cool tones so at least we know what faimily to stay in but the problem is choosing grays that will compliment each other.
Some background facts:
open first floor plan
very dark expresso floors with specs of black and brown
allwhite trim - moldings, base and window casings
white ceilings

Kitchen: A light "warmer" gray with some brown undertones because my kitchen is cream with light brown glaze.
dark floors, charcoal/ almost black gray island with carera marble (gray vains).
Can you suggest any color that will help pick up the gray speck from the marble but be warm enough for the rest of the kitchen and family room?

For dining room and living room I am not afraid to go with a bolder gray - should also have a hint of wamth because it will be open to therest of the first floor.

Hallways: again, very dark floors, white trim. What kind of gray wouldyou recommend? Husband likes revere pewter but I wouldlike to try abid darker than that... not as light as in the kitchen.. I like the white against gray so I willmost likely hang large white frames with colorful pictures to add some life to thewalls.

Thank you!!!

We used Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter in our house and paired it with HC-172 Gull Wing and HC108 Sandy Hook Grey. They all complement each other nicely. In fact, the Sandy Hook Grey almost looks like a beige which would go nicely with your floors and brown specs on your first floor. You could use Revere Pewter as your base color on most of the walls and choose an accent wall for the Sandy Hook Grey. Or you could also paint the ceiling in a Sandy Hook Grey.

Picking colors is the most difficult part! Check these out...I think you'll be happy with how they blend together! Good luck and post pictures when you're done!

My philosophy is you should have fun with design. Don't be timid to mix and match patterns and styles. Use color. Mix antique with modern, flea market with new. Have fun. Show your personality. You can't go wrong with doing what feels right.

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Thank youPerception04.11.2012 @ 05:19:47 PM

I like the RP and agree with keeping it as a base and adding a complimenting color. Just need something classic.
THe floors haven't even been stained yet so it makes it hard to visualize. I will post some pictures as soon as we get started :)


I am with Suziebeerbudget04.09.2012 @ 08:42:25 PM

If the kitchen/living areas are open to eachother, I would stick to one color. If you do Revere Pewter in the living area, you can have the paint store mix the paint for the kitchen at 50%; that way the colors would not fight with eachother. Revere Pewter is a really great color, by the way. A few of my other favorites are: Wickham Gray HC-171, and Edgecomb Gray HC-173. They are on the lighter side. For a darker gray, take a look at Ashley Gray HC-87. I also like Ashen Tan, Gray Horse, Hazy Skies, and Halo - all Benjamin Moore. Good luck!

Thank you!!Perception04.11.2012 @ 05:25:21 PM

Looks like everyone likes Revere Pewter... I may just go with it :)
thank you so much I love Ashely Gray and halo (and complimenting colors)

Sorry, it's really hard to share design advice without photos.

How about choosing one gray as opposed to several grays since your first floor is an open floor plan?

Check out some of my favorite grays:

No photos yetPerception04.11.2012 @ 05:32:02 PM

florrs haven't been stained and we don't have the kitchen up either (brand new construction so we want to paint before the kitchen gets intalled). I will need a lot of help to pull it all together but picking colors is half the battle. I will make sure to post some pictures this weekend :)

thanks, Emina

cream cabinets and a brown glaze over it. my island is black. The difference is your awesome backsplash that you have and i don't! Mine is terra cotta. I have had shaker beige the last 6 years and getting sick of it and want greys. I've been looking at rockport grey by BM and ashley grey also. Its a warm taupey grey. You might like that. Smoke EMbers by BM is nice too.My floor plan is open to the dining,kitchen, and foyer so i'm in the same boat as you!! Would love to see some pics too as suzie suggested!

BacksplashPerception04.11.2012 @ 05:30:12 PM

I don't even have the kitchen up yet and will probably wait on the backsplash until after we move in (We don't even have the floors stained yet/ brand new construction). I had tera cotta in my old place but the cabinets were light oak and sort of blended in but not in a good way. I bet it looks nice with the cream kitchen. I'll post some pictures of my project as soon as I get going. thanks again for helpful info