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Focal point dilemmamscrofty04.23.2012 @ 06:53:53 PM

how can i decorate around a fire place on one wall and a media station on the opposite wall without having them be competing focal points?

focal pointsmscrofty04.23.2012 @ 07:20:46 PM

please post pictures if you can

please help memscrofty04.25.2012 @ 10:32:40 AM

anyone???pretty please post pictures that address this problem please?

without being too distracting! Do you have any photos of the room??

my blog: j'adore decor

do you think i should place the TV over the fireplace? or create a media space along the wall where the TV is?

hhmmm....sallien04.26.2012 @ 05:40:29 PM

I wonder, if you could do away with the mantle and have the tv kind of "floating" over the fireplace.... like the photo above??

That way you have one focal point versus two. You could then have your couch facing the fireplace/tv and open up the window view with just the single chair. Maybe bring the seating arrangement in from the walls to make it a bit more cosy?? I think removing the mantle would make the tv more viewable from the lounge area. Also removing the mantle seems a little more contemporary. You may have to check into building codes/regs. to be sure that it wouldn't be a hazard.

my blog: j'adore decor