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What do you like best, the round light, or the flower light? Upstairs, there are three bedrooms that are all next to each other. One has the chandelier and the other has the large round light (shown below). I want the rooms to blend and flow properly as the house is on the smaller side. What do you think?



light so my decision was quite easy :P

Pickles: I totally agree. I'd love to have a bright gourd lamp in the room. I have a nickel floor lamp too. I can't wait to get the room painted, the light installed and to put the furniture together. Accessorizing will be fun and easier hopefully!

May I suggest another idea?Pickles05.06.2012 @ 05:46:51 PM

I would make sure the room has some kind of light from a table or floor lamp. In a kiddo's room, you'll probably do a fair amount of reading with them. Reading by the light of an overhead light (alone) is very straining on your eyes. A light source that's on a table or in that height range is much better.

You are definitely getting great advice from the decorpad gang! Check out the highlights from Highpoint.... clover lamps are one of the 2012 trends.... (see slide 36 of the slideshow)