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An Update!ButterflyBAP05.04.2012 @ 06:24:30 PM

Hi...A few weeks ago, I solicited you all's help with my bedroom. I am pleased to report that I am making progress!!!!!! Most importantly, I am very pleased with the results.



All it took was the right draperies! I found drapes at Lowe's. I couldn't believe my good fortune! I decided to keep my comforter (because I do like it). I looked in my linen collection and found shams that I picked up at various stores. I also shopped my stash in my house for the bolster, sheers, and the throw.

My next step is to hang pictures (I have them), and buy a few decorative items!

Thank you for your advice!

Another update!ButterflyBAP02.18.2013 @ 09:12:56 PM

Ok. I have another iteration of my master bedroom. I can't wait until the room is "done". I am anxious to share.

I wasn't happy with the bedroom. It felt dark - lIke a dirt dauber lives there. I couldn't figure it out. Well, I tried new draperies, new bedding, new accessories. I couldn't figure out why I was dissatisfied with the room.

I finally realized that the paint color was too dark for such a small room. I hated it. So, I changed it. ;) I ended up painting my main living areas SW matched to Edgecomb Gray and I love it (I have another picture to share). So, I used the same formula at 75% for my bedroom.

I am not going to do much more. I have to rehang the draperies. I have a couple of prints arriving soon and I want a little vase with pink flowers.

Edgecomb Gray is beautiful!Suzie02.19.2013 @ 08:28:13 PM

Looks so comfy and cozy and especially love the bed and mirror.

Pretty!Brookeleigh105.04.2012 @ 08:56:17 PM

Looks so light and airy. Love it!

34 yr old - Renovating a house stuck in the 1980s!
Married 8 yrs with a miracle 6 month old daughter.