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I want a pro style look, but don't know if I can justify the price. It's basically an extra $1000 just to get a wolf/thermador looking handle.

Do you have appliances that you love (pro look or not) that have been reliable and you'd recommend?

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Kitchen AppliancesSher05.20.2012 @ 10:41:11 PM

Did major remodel on kitchen 5 years ago. Did all GE appliances (family discount) except Wolf stove. 48" GE built-in frig has required a couple servicing issues, but not as many as most of my friends with sub-zeroes. I think any of these upscale refrigerators will require more servicing than standard refrigerators. Not crazy about GE dishwasher-but I'm never happy with dishwashers-I think they need little hands to do actual scrubbing. The fancy "warming drawer" is actually nothing more than a fancy drawer. Love-love my 48" Wolf gas burner-electric 1&1/2 oven/stove. Have not had a single problem. Unfortunately, none of the "Consumer Report" type reviews never cover the "step up" level of appliances. Kitchen renovations are exciting and fun and also frustrating. Good Luck! In the end you'll be thrilled with a new kitchen!

here in FL cause there is no natural gas. I'd have to have this big, ugly tank installed in my back yard to store the gas and with hurricanes, it could be a safety hazard. I'm back to square one at the moment and am leaning toward Kitchenaid or GE Cafe...thinking of an electric cooktop with separate oven unit.

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we love, are really reliable & haven't had any issues w/ over the 5 yrs we've had them but they're not exactly pro-grade looking.

I do love the look of Bosch dishwashers w/ the hidden control panel for that sleek frontal look (heh, "frontal").

P.S. Your comments on my blog always make me spit my coffee out laughing. I can always count on you to throw in some vajayjay ref. Love you for that. =]

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I think my problem is that I have no initial thoughts just flow out of my mouth. Hopefully Mr. FC isn't offended by the vag references and that I deemed you milf-worthy. It's innocent, I tell ya.

Thanks for the plug for Whirlpool...good to know you haven't had any problems. Our friends have the most gorge condo on the intercoastal with the most breathtaking views of it and the Atlantic Ocean and they put in Whirlpool appliances instead of pro. I have cooked on them and really loved the cooktop and separate wall oven microwave combo. But I do love the pro look, although I'm having a hard time justifying the price when I know its money we will never see back (assuming our 4th attempt to buy a house goes through...we haven't had much luck in the real estate department.)

Right now, GE Cafe is what I'm leaning toward for a pro look without the price tag. Although dependability reviews have been mixed so I'm not totally sure.

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so send your 'no filter' tendencies my way, please. And are you kidding me? Mr. FC & you would TOTALLY get along. He's got no filter either & aims to shock sometimes (thru humor of course)....hence why I'm not easily offended AT ALL. It's just not possible to offend me, for reals. Ha!

Good luck w/ house buying & the appliances search!!

I'm a design-obsessed Capricorn and I'm sort of a big deal. =)

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I don't know that I can justify the investment. I'll check into the Jenn-Air. Haven't looked at those yet.

Anybody with GE Monogram or Cafe?

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First of all, I love love love my Thermador All Gas Range. It is used/loved/abused regularly and I consider it a well made investment when we renovated our kitchen. However, if I had a smaller family (I have 5 teenagers that always have friends over) and really didn't cook beyond regular meals I don't know I'd make the same investment. It is reliable, cooks evenly, and I have had zero issues in the last 3 years. And I can't ignore the fact that it looks purdy :).

Now for the cons... Yes, it was expensive. Also, it required an upgraded hood that could handle the heat, which also added to the budget. If I had one complaint about the Thermador it's that the heat escape hatch for the oven is located right above where the door handle lives, so hot air blows straight out there. If you are baking at the same time as standing cooking on the rangetop, the heat can be annoying. We just turn the hood WAY up and it takes care of the issue but I would be sure to go to a showroom and demo this one.

Bertazonni, Capital (great looks, less $$)

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Have you looked at Jenn-Air?jessnest05.02.2012 @ 09:38:41 AM

Hi, Michael! We bought Jenn-Air pro style appliances for our old house and were very pleased with them. We found them on clearance at Maytag....Granted, this was in Colorado 5 years ago, but it still may be worth a shot. Also, have you browsed any scratch and dent stores? Additionally, maybe you can find some good Memorial Day sales? Good luck!

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