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So we moved into our house a year ago and I've been back & forth about what type of counter-stools & kitchen dining chairs to get.

Here is a recent photo of my kitchen island & table.

And here are the stools that I've narrowed down:
Either the Madeleine

Or Toledo:

I have a blank slate, for the most part. I need chairs for the kitchen table too.

So, which stools for the island?
And if the Madeleine, what color? Dark Oak? Black Oak?

The rug is being replaced as well.

my blog: Grayce Lane
Gorgeous kitchen!!!Perception05.17.2012 @ 10:38:05 AM

I am in love with your kitchen! I have almost identical kitchen but on a much, much smaller scale. Love how you did yourdouble over side by side too. You don't see that very often. Can I ask you, where did you get your island pendants? I have been searching for a while but all oft he ones I like are over my budget.

I vote for Madeline stool... dark oak for sure!

Such a beautiful space! Enjoy it!

thank you so much!amybeth82105.18.2012 @ 09:04:29 AM

This house has been a fun, but exhausting, project. We've been in for a year and I'm finally getting around to some permanent decor.

The kitchen pendants are from Restoration Hardware. They are the small ones (and still quite big, so I can only imagine how much bigger the next 2 sizes up are!)

my blog: Grayce Lane

How about something plush like Restoration Hardware Hudson Camelback Side Chairs for the dining table?

Hudsonamybeth82105.17.2012 @ 08:56:34 AM

Thanks Suzie!
I'm actually doing the Hudson chairs (2 arm & 8 side) in our dining room (we have the trestle table).

I have 2 little kids, so I'm thinking upholstered chairs in the kitchen might not be a good idea, unless they have washable slipcovers or something like that.

my blog: Grayce Lane