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Wood floor in bathroomMasterBath05.31.2012 @ 08:32:51 PM

Have any of you had a wood floor installed in a bathroom? We are thinking of carrying the wood from the master bedroom into the bath.

I am a designer and have had wood floors in my master bedroom and bathroom and they look new. They warm up the space with all the stone and they make your spaces look larger.

Tried to add a photo, but I don't know how to down load one off my computer.

Go for it!

Half BathBrookeleigh106.01.2012 @ 10:58:07 AM

I have wood floors in my half bath on our main floor. I really like them. It's a small space and it doesn't get heavy traffic or water puddles. I have handscrapped floors so they don't look perfect anyway ... maybe that's the way you'd want to go if you put wood down in a Master. i would caution though (as Suzie mentioned as well) my wood floors are tempermental :) Humidity and temperature "moves" the planks and during certain times of year, it's more noticable than others. I would ask a lot of questions about how the wood will react to heat and moisture before you purchase. (We've heard time and time again from the dealer that our floors weren't given enough time to acclaimate before we laid them which is why they expand and shrink. But we disagree ... )
Still we love the floors.

34 yr old - Renovating a house stuck in the 1980s!
Married 8 yrs with a miracle 6 month old daughter.

hardwood floors in their bathrooms. I like how wood floors make bathrooms feel warm and cozy, but I also worry about all that water. We have hardwood floors in our kitchen and we've had a leak or two that were taken care of right away and no damage so far. It's definitely more high maintenance than tiles, but if you really, really love it then I say go for it.

Wood floors in bathroomMasterBath06.06.2012 @ 07:06:02 PM

I guess if I could "see" a bath with wood floors that would probably help (I have seen pics, but not in person). I just have the vision of a "high gloss" room....polished tiles, frameless like. Carerra marble vs. neutrals. I am not a "grey" person but maybe the color of the paint on the walls would make the room feel not so "grey" and the marble would just be the backdrop of beauty;)

We are gutting it so the choices seem overwhelming. I wish I could decide which way to go! I WILL have to soon:)

hard wood alternativesdenery06.07.2012 @ 09:50:17 AM

We just gut a bathroom last week and wanted hardwoods as well but got talked out of it due to moisture from hot showers or the possibility of a leak. We then discovered hardwood "tile" . It is amazing. It comes in 4" x24" (among other sizes) strips and many different woods shades. It is just being laid down now. It is a nice contrast to the carrera shower and countertops we are doing.