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Exterior Paint Helplmdunlap06.08.2012 @ 07:47:43 PM

I'm in desperate need of some help choosing an exterior paint color. The home is near the ocean so I was trying to stick with a neutral color, preferably grey unless someone has a different idea. The interior is modern . I posted a picture of my house today (tan), a picture of a neighbor's house that has a similiar exterior with the bottom half (stucco) painted white and top (wood) yellow, and some sketches of ideas.

The top of the house is wood and the bottom half is stucco. I was going to do planter boxes under the window with either succulents or short, skinny reed-like plants) to give the house some dimension and add a modern feel.

I'm open to any ideas or thoughts. Thanks so much for your help. Also, if you have a good go-to grey exterior paint colors, that would be helpful. I've spent so much time trying to decide. Thank you!

Cute house!ButterflyBAP06.08.2012 @ 08:30:00 PM

If I had a home near the ocean, I would paint it a fabulous fun color!

I love Bungalow 404's exterior color - Studio Blue Green. It is neutral, but still fun.