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I posted about this space a few months ago when i updated it and i loved it, but soon realized that my table was too small for this space since it was the spot where family and company always gather. (of course because its the kitchen!) I knew i would need a larger sized table in this space. So i moved my entire dining room here and i really like the feel! The table is a bit too big, but i think down the road i will get shape but bit thinner, like a rustic farmers table.
I need help finishing this space; its looking a little french country to me, and would like more modern.

Im thinking of replacing the 4 wicker chairs with a settee along the wall, and something funner on other side like tolix chairs or something from ikea. (3 kids :)) I would love to do some sort of photo/poster gallery wall where black mirror is but i'm not really good at that, so would love some ideas!
And the thing i need the most the soonest is a RUG. My floors are already getting destroyed so i think that has to be first. I would like something graphic, modern.
Any ideas for a rug? Something graphic that would look nice with the curtains.
Thanks so much!! I really love this site and I know you will come thru for me :) These are all just ideas but i'm open to anything so feel free!! :) I also included a before shot!

..sadly they don't come in 7x9!! I don't think an 8x10 will fit.
Were you thinking the brown andalusia?

How about this settee with it?
And then maybe these:
thoughts? :)

How about a striped rug? I like the idea in theory but not sure how it would execute IRL, lol:

Or these:
(in espresso?)

As for the wall w/ the mirror, a photo gallery would be lovely but I think you should stick w/ the mirror idea. Maybe go w/ a more modern (or retro mod like a huge sunburst mirror or something)....I think something round would balance out the rectangular table nicely (gorgeouse btw)

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