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Stuck!!rmcpeak06.14.2012 @ 04:12:55 PM

I am stuck on what to do to finish my dining room! I like the furniture pieces and I like the curtains but they do not mesh. The curtains were just purchased to see what some color would do to the room so they can easily go back!! The hutch can also be painted a darker gray if need be. I want paintings for the back wall and other decor for the room as well. Any suggestions would be great! I need to finish this room ASAP!

Looking at your room again, I really think changing the wall color to a greenish neutral would actually go with those drapes. But again, pick your rug and if you love those drapes then find something that will compliment. Right now your wall and drapes are too neutral, there is no pop. If you go with a darker wall then the drapes will really stand out and have an impact.I will see if I can find rugs that may work.

I would say the table and chairs should all be on the rug. I think a rug that is too small will not look right and make the room feel small. I think that a much larger rug would make the room seem bigger and just leave a boarder of the wood showing. I think you may want to wait on drapes until you find the rug. I would like a pattern on the floor and the drapes you have may not match once you pick the rug. I am going to look through some pictures to see if I can find a picture of what I mean.

Thanksrmcpeak06.15.2012 @ 08:11:19 AM

Thanks for the advice! I may have to rearrange room to fit the rug and the cabinet. Looks like I will be shopping this weekend!!

ITA w/previous poster!Suzie06.14.2012 @ 06:29:51 PM
rugrmcpeak06.14.2012 @ 07:17:54 PM

I don't have a lot of space for a large rug. Would it be ok for the chairs to barely fit on rug or even be off a little? And would you guys keep curtains or go for something more neutral?
thanks so much!!

Inspiration photosDeborah Frankel06.14.2012 @ 09:38:33 PM

Here are two pictures I found showing rooms very similar to yours. The one thing that I noticed in your room is that all the colors are very similar in tone and it blends. I think you need more contrast on the wall or with the curtains. I hope I am making sense and being helpful.

Color of Cabinetrmcpeak06.15.2012 @ 08:27:48 AM

Do you think it would help to paint the cabinet a darker gray to bring more of a contrast and then accent with pictures and table decor? I think a rug with color will help a ton too!

my thoughtsDeborah Frankel06.15.2012 @ 08:33:13 PM

My initial thought is that the wall color may need to be changed. I love the color but not sure I like it with the table/chairs that seem to have a red tone in them. I would stay neutral but try a different grey or even something in the green family. There are so many BM colors that would be great. That said, I wouldn't do anything until you pick the rug since that will dictate how to proceed with the room.

In my opinionDeborah Frankel06.14.2012 @ 05:38:56 PM

Your room is really pretty and I love the color of the walls. I think you need to start with an area rug to ground the room and then go from there. Once you have a rug you can start to build around that with drapes, artwork and accessories. Hope that helps