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nursery paint colorEVT06.14.2012 @ 01:18:09 PM

I am trying to decide on a paint color for our baby girl's nursery - we are thinking of a very light shade of grey, turquoise, pink or even white.

I am thinking of painting one of my old baby dressers turquoise and getting a white crib so maybe neutral would be best.

or.. doing wallpaper on the wall where we put the crib.. (like the one in the picture.. ) where do I find this type of wallpaper (i have never used it before)

any suggestions on a light shade of any of these colors? or white?

here are some of my inspiration pics :)

Thank you!!!

In search of bathroom sconcesjulesgj10.04.2013 @ 06:22:55 PM

Do you know where I can find similar scones to these? The ones in picture are from Restoration Hardware but are no longer available. I love the crystal stem and like the style too.

Forgot to add picturejulesgj10.04.2013 @ 08:35:46 PM

forgot to add pic of sconces. here it is.

But they are a whooping $570 each! I will keep an eye out for a look 4 less for you!

Thank you!julesgj10.04.2013 @ 09:17:52 PM

You are right they are almost identical and I can always easily replace the shade. Too bad they are so pricey. Hopefully there is a look for less.

What d'ya think?? Not too bad at $298.00

Will definitely keep an eye out for other options. :0)

Another great optionjulesgj10.04.2013 @ 10:19:51 PM

You think this one would look ok if I change the shade to a more traditional shade? Thanks!

thank you!EVT06.14.2012 @ 07:06:34 PM

I will have to try this one out for sure! do you know what the undertones are in horizon? or is it a pretty true light grey?

We used it on the whole basement level of our home....the rooms have more light than typical basements so I think the color is pretty accurate. It's a pale grey w/ just a whisper of blue undertones:

In natural light:

In a windowless bathroom w/ no natural light:

I'm a design-obsessed Capricorn and I'm sort of a big deal. =)

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Thank You!EVT06.14.2012 @ 07:05:01 PM

her bedroom will have a lot of natural light so I think that would be a very nice color!

I used Grey Owl for our guest room and absolutely love it. I'd post pictures, but I'm the world's worst photographer and wouldn't do the paint color or room justice. :-)

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