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what to do with this wallDebSpin06.22.2012 @ 02:18:51 PM


I need some help decorating this wall. It's what you face the minute you walk through the front door. I'm not in love with the built-in arch but I figure that's probably because it's just a blank canvas right now. I'm hoping you guys might have some thoughts on what to put there.


Too creepy or weird?Suzie06.25.2012 @ 12:15:54 AM

Not sure about the style of the rest of your house, but I immediately thought of something like this for your niche. I think it's fun but I can see how some may think it's a bit creepy or odd. :)

HmmmDebSpin06.25.2012 @ 07:04:25 AM

Not sure about the bowl but the mirror and the vase look nice. I hadn't even thought to put anything on the little ledge so thank you!