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A little while ago I posted a picture of my orange cabinets and asked for advice. I decided to paint them white and wanted to share the progress. The rest of the room is still very unfinished. One end has the kitchen area and the other end has a fireplace. Eventually a dining room table will be in front of the fireplace and the round white table will be out of the picture entirely. I am thinking about a farm house weathered type of table. The living room will be in a different room all together.

The next step is to have all of the woodwork/doors painted white and the walls painted. I want the house to have a beachy feel since I am near the beach and have lots of natural light. One of the walls of the kitchen/dining area is almost entirely glass doors. I am thinking about restoration hardware's silver sage or pale silver. Any thoughts???

Thank you once again for all of your help! I am thrilled with the white cabinets and it was worth the $350 it cost to have them painted.

It looks amazing!Suzie06.25.2012 @ 12:20:04 AM

Have you considered glass tiles or marble tiles backsplash for the main kitchen wall, like this:

Holy smokes!ButterflyBAP06.24.2012 @ 06:47:41 PM

I was against it, but man...I love it! Congrats.

Silver sage would be perfect in your room.

WOWriverlex06.24.2012 @ 08:41:30 AM

Is this really the same kitchen?! Looks great!!!!
Silver sage would look nice. BM Moonshine would look good too.
THis is an amazing transformation! So glad you went with it!!!

thanks!bjlucas106.24.2012 @ 09:25:34 AM

It is the same kitchen but the new pictures were taken directly on my laptop so it reversed the image. I will definitely look into Moonshine. Thanks again.