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Just got a quote to either re-paint or re-stain our kitchen cabinets. We moved into this AZ house and it feels so "brown"! Wanting to tone down the browns and thought soft white kitchen cabinets would help. The granite is quite busy, oranges, browns, greys/blacks and some cream. The flooring is travertine (light and medium browns). Would this look ok?

post some pics :)maria.gutiba06.27.2012 @ 07:56:05 AM

here are the pictures (sorry i thought i attached them). I am wondering if i change out the double oven, handles, add back splaces, can i get away with keeping the "orange/brown" cabinets or should i go ahead and have someone paint or stain them? HELP!!!!

Counters are beautiful!riverlex06.28.2012 @ 06:14:22 AM

My vote is paint the cabinets white but leave the island the way it is!

I vote for painted whitebjlucas106.27.2012 @ 08:21:41 PM

I had the same question about my cabinets and just posted the painted results below. My space is still very much unfinished but you can see the cabinet color change if you look at "kitchen cabinet update..." a few entries below this. I think white cabinets in your kitchen would look beautiful! I love the ceiling beams as well.

I would focus on warm shades of white. Beautiful space!

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4th vote for white paintSuzie06.28.2012 @ 11:29:19 PM
Go for the whiteCynthia Eldred07.31.2012 @ 09:32:44 AM

White seems to make a room larger looking & brighter.