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I bought this sofa for my living room. Since it's an open plan, I'd like to divide the space with 2 area rugs. One rug for under the sofa to anchor the TV area and another to anchor the space (that was supposed to be for a dining table) where I'm putting my husband's grandmother's mid-century modern radio console.

I know I'll be able to pick colors and patterns after I find the rugs but I'm stuck. Any help is greatly appreciated. I need ideas. Please :)

I'm not keeping the pillows that came with the sofa.

How about a rug with a little bit of green to tie in the sofa in the living room (one above from crate and barrel),
and then something more neutral in the dining room, like a jute or sisal rug with some texture. West Elm has a nice herringbone rug :

both companies carry rug swatches that you can take home and try out.

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Thank you!SusyV07.05.2012 @ 11:22:30 AM

I've found some decent rugs for a good price. But the problem now is picking 2 rugs. I'll take your suggestion of going more neutral and incorporating texture into the second rug.

My next issue is going to be styling two large windows in the room.

Thanks again!