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as an update..riverlex06.25.2012 @ 08:10:09 AM

I could not find a rug that fit this space and the table. The table really needs an 8x10 and the space can only fit a 7x9 at best.
I think this being right in the kitchen i need a smaller rectangle/square table with smaller rug and i will use a settee on one side.
Now the decision... Do i put the dining room table back in that room and keep it a dining room, or make it a living room?
We have a large "family room" but it is about 5 steps up from the kitchen because its over the garage. We are a family of 5.
And we do seem to use the dining room when company comes over, just trying to get an idea of peoples thoughts are of dining room vs (not so) "formal" living room.

Thanks. And i you have any other table/ rug suggestions for this space please let me know. I was inlove with the andulusia and the C&B striped but they only come in 8x10 :(