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New headboard new bedroom!Alexis G07.14.2012 @ 03:37:56 PM

My husband comes home in 4 weeks and I'm trying to redo our bedroom! I just bought a headboard that looks like this one, it is navy linen with brass nail heads, I love it! But I kinda hit a wall as to what kinda bedding would be good to go with such a dramatic headboard. I was thinking simple white, but if anyone knows of a cool color concept please let me know, I'm all ears! I was wanting to go dark in our bedroom, because my husband has a hard time going to sleep. I like a clean look! I'm going to buy side tables and a dresser too! Besides buying baby furniture, this is my first real furniture purchase! Are you supposed to buy all matching stuff? I like when it all looks different but pulled together somehow. If I go dark in a bedroom should the furniture be light? Like white wood? And I like grey, could I paint walls vey with a navy headboard or would that be too much? I was kinda thinking navy with pops of chartreuse and yellow? I'm all over the place! Help!

inspiration photosSuzie07.16.2012 @ 08:14:18 PM

Silver gray walls would look amazing with a blue headboard. ITA with crisp white bedding and adding color with pillows. I would love to see matching round pedestal tables used a nightstands (check out Overstock for great deals on pedestal tables), like this:

A warm walnut wood tone would look gorgeous with all the silvers, grays and blues.

I highly recommend using blackout liners with whatever window treatments you pick out as well.