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Can't decide if it will look dated or "over-done" in a few years.... thoughts?

I'd love a herringbone pattern longer! It's funny but some people, like my hubby, just don't "get" the Moorish look....he says it reminds him of a Turkish bathhouse or something. Like he's ever been anywhere near a Turkish bathhouse, WTF.

Ooh is this for your own kitchen, C?

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but I feel like I may get tired of it after a few years.

BUT, then again, my Moorish tiles obsession has been going on for quite some time so I may be wrong. :)

I know!!!rock,paper,_____07.16.2012 @ 09:49:54 PM

I've loved it for so long and now that I finally have a place to use it... I'm worried I'll be "over it." My only thought is that tearing out a backsplash is no biggie... so we could change it down the road.
I can't seem to find anything I like. I am doing a very monochromatic kitchen. Off-White cabinets, off-white countertops and really want an off-white "stand-out" backsplash. Something that will really make the kitchen look gorgeous. Any other suggestions?

I was loving this tile, until I got a sample and it is TERRIBLE in real-life! :)

Penny tiles perhaps?Pickles07.21.2012 @ 04:41:39 PM

I'm kind of over the Moorish style too. It's going the way of chevron for me. And "if you like it, you shouldn't care about how popular it is" idea is completely right on. And yet it still bugs me when stuff gets over done. I think I like the novelty and one-of-a-kind factor when it come to decorating.

pattern like the Arabesque tiles or natural stone with lots of gray. I think white porcelain subway tiles will just get lost in the mix unless you want that clean, crisp monochromatic look and feel.

inspiration photos:

Love marble tiles in a herringbone pattern.

I don't think I'll ever get tired of classic marble subway tiles.