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I just registered to the board after doing a search for silk tufted headboards and all the fantastic photos and descriptions on this site and, the suggestions of the people here are wonderful.

When I moved here, I had my bed and one dresser that was here, moving boxes for night stands, haha. I like in south Florida, moved her from Ohio where my house was all white with accents of color. So, I get here and decide to use a lot of color.

The walls are SW Obi Lilac, the color looks much more purple than it is in person, it has a taupe'ish, almost gray undertone. The red artwork ties in with the red master bath that I decided to have, there are three colors that I used throughout the house, red, purple and green.

Now when I look at the room, it is too dark, I want to lighten it up without having to repaint the walls. I bought the headboard from Craigslist, it was originally white tufted faux leather (yep) but I liked the lines so I had it tufted with white silk and brushed nickel buttons. The bed skirt is a platinum-colored silk and the pillows are all solid color.

I am going to change the drapes to a white cotton, not sheer drape. The blinds I am debating between white wood or roll up bamboo to match the floor but can't decide.

For the bedding, I bought a duvet cover from West Elm, it is white with eyelets at just the bottom which, I thought were throughout the duvet so I am not a huge fan of the duvet. Then I went and bought white coverlet/quilt with the stitched pattern in it and, there is not sheen to the fabric but, looking at some of the photos on this site, that works if you pull in some sheen elsewhere.

I am getting more confused every time I buy something, haha. So, I am asking for your suggestions, please!!

I would greatly appreciate any feedback, opinions, etc.

Thank you!!


I like the purple.....Suzie07.22.2012 @ 11:03:56 PM

The headboard is great and you could go in a really fun, eclectic direction by doing something like this:

Bring in more vintage pieces like an acrylic bench, lamps and a bold rug.

You can also do something like this with a pair of white chinoiserie chests or nightstands, urn lamps and crisp, clean white bedding.


I bought bedding like the coverlet in the bottom photo but the one I got has a floral pattern which I didn't like. I will see what other ones I can find.

The windows, I still have to decide between white wood blinds or bamboo to match the floor with heavier, cotton drapes.

Thank you for your reply!