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room decorbbotto07.21.2012 @ 01:08:22 PM

I am in the process of redecorating and would love some advice. My 13 yr old son's room will be in Grays/Orange/White. Now for my third bedroom-which will be for my daughter when home from college/guest room. Something sophisticated and classy. Grays will be throughout house with white trim. Love Ikat fabrics...pinks/blues. Any suggestions/pictures?

HelloSuzie07.22.2012 @ 10:54:13 PM

When you have time I would peruse the site and add photos that you like to sets. You can show your kids the photos and weed out the ones they don't like and move on from there.

Here's a search for gray & orange. Not necessarily boy's bedrooms, but you can get ideas from spaces with the same color combination:

Search results for gray, pink & blue bedrooms:

room decorbbotto07.23.2012 @ 03:15:20 PM

Thanks Suzie!
That's exactly what I've done! So fun to get ideas! Do you think having upholstered headboards in each room is overkill?