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furniture arrangement?amybeth82107.23.2012 @ 10:02:21 AM

I am finally getting started on our master bedroom and want to move our bed (king-size) from the current location to in front of the bow windows.

Currently, the bed is located on a side wall, but the transom windows make the bed look un-centered, which drives me crazy!

I want to move the bed to inside the bow window (excuse the laundry on the floor, we just got back from vacation, so I'm catching up around here)...

I'm having a hard time finding photos to show my husband...he needs some convincing.

Any suggestions?

thanks so much!

my blog: Grayce Lane
That will look great!riverlex07.29.2012 @ 04:49:50 PM

And then you can make a little seating area in front of fire place :)