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I am looking to paint our kitchen cabinets and need recommendations for paint colors. The wall color is currently Benjamin Moore's Healing Aloe (more blue than the photo suggests). I am thinking white for the main cabinets and then a gray color for the island - can't decide if it should be a light or dark gray color. The first photo is the current state of of our home and shows the cabinets in the background {I wanted to give you a reference as to the colors around it} and the second photo shows a closer shot of the cabinets. I would love to extend the area above the cabinets to the ceiling but don't think there is enough space to add another row of cabinets. We are also tearing off the backsplash and replacing it with a white gloss Moroccan tile from Overstock (found here:

My painter will likely use Sherwin Williams paint, but any brands are open for consideration. Thoughts? Also considering replacing the chandelier in the dining area and would love thoughts on that. Same for art above the buffet (upper right area of first photo). Thank you!

thanks...sarrey1807.31.2012 @ 08:42:39 PM

Thank you for the comments so far - including the kind words and paint color recommendations. I appreciate it!

paint colors....Suzie07.31.2012 @ 05:19:41 PM

Benjamin Moore Cloud White

Benjamin Moore White Dove

Benjamin Moore Rockport Gray

Benjamin Moore Fieldstone

A beaded chandelier, maybe?

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Your home is beautiful and I wouldn't change a thing! You've done a gorgeous job and would love to have a home like yours!