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Media Console helpmscrofty08.04.2012 @ 11:32:05 PM

please suggest what i can put on the wall behind the console or on the console to finish this look. I was thing of hanging 2 pieces of identical art on the wall and a couple of vases on the media console but i'm not sure. any ideas would be greatly appreciated


Treat it like a fireplace?sallien08.05.2012 @ 06:07:57 PM

Since it's almost the same height, you could think of it as a fireplace? Add something sculptural and some candles, much like this image from crate and barrel. You don't want anything to jarring of distracing from the tv, but something that creates a bit of interest when the tv is off. Hope this helps. :-)

my blog: j'adore decor
How about this?mscrofty08.06.2012 @ 09:27:27 AM

Thanks for the suggestion. That picture looks great. so How does this look? do you think the paintings should go on the wall or just rest on the console top.

Love it!sallien08.06.2012 @ 05:49:38 PM

I'd lean them, love the pops of orange too!

my blog: j'adore decor