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Hello! here is my question. If leaving a console table or a Bufet, behind the chairs of my living room. I am including a few pictures. A-console table, B-buffet (which has a marble top, the same color as my floors) & C picture showing the buffet from the entrace at the other side of the chairs.


Why I chose BZealart08.11.2012 @ 10:16:30 PM

A to me is distracting. So many spindly legs from the console and chairs. The glass shelf just gets lost.
Buffet table works for me as a much more solid room divider. Has a more solid standing and just goes better with the rest of the furniture, especially with the white top. Just an opinion of course.

Definately Asallien08.08.2012 @ 05:26:19 PM

You have done a great job, I love your room. I think console A keeps a visual flow through the room and keeps things bright and airy which is awesome. I like how you have the stools for extra seating also. :-)

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thanksrebe08.09.2012 @ 11:12:04 AM

Oh thank you so much...I realli appreaciate your feedback. I am still working on it! the table in the corner I want it to be clear and small, similar to the one I have in the middle. Iam also thinking about a floor lamp in the other corner of the sofa and a more substantial art to be on that wall too, because the one I have there is too small for the wall and it doesnt look, still more work ahead but really enjoying the process...thank you so much!