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Angular Staircase Decor Ideas?nOnda08.08.2012 @ 03:28:11 PM

I would like to get some inspiration for decorating an angular staircase wall. Not sure how to describe it better than that but its that smaller, triangular wall that can be oh so difficult to accessorize! Any thoughts, photos and inspiration would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

Something like this?Suzie08.08.2012 @ 09:55:38 PM
Similar but not quite...nOnda08.09.2012 @ 03:12:40 PM

That angled wall is what I am working with but instead of flooring below, the staircase is below. I am looking to hang various pictures/objects to make sort of a collage in that area - as long as it will look good. Do you have any photos / inspiration for that type of space?