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Wallsrebe08.09.2012 @ 11:26:44 AM

These 2 walls are framing the "actual family room" which is going to be moved next month, to the right empty space you see on the right side that has a window. So one I moved the family, that space is going to be a library/office.

I am torn about what to do with these 2 walls. I put the art and them but I think it still looks empty. I was thinking tall vases with greenery or 2 small/tall tables. I don't know if I should do the same in the 2 walls? if it is going to look too matchy matchy.? what do y ou think?...

I would paint those 2 walls a color 2 shades darker than the other rooms color. Then I'd put artwork that is really long for that wall on the right. The artwork will not be symmetric, but it will draw the eye down with that door on the left and won't look so bare.

not the same on both sideZealart08.10.2012 @ 10:00:50 AM

I wouldn't do it so super matchy. Would probably add another picture to the wall on the left and a small table with something cool on it on the right.. Or I would get one frame the size of the two combined on one wall and have two on the other. To me this also looks incomplete because your floor and wall transition lack base moulding.

what a bout arebe08.27.2012 @ 11:25:46 AM

What about a Floor to ceiling mirror (aprox) , on the left wall with a small ottoman in front ??